Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kelly by Mattel ... Some Links

Shelly/Kelly - Prince & the Pauper

I have a fascination with things that are small.
I guess thats why a greater part of my collection is made up of tiny pieces of plastic in the shape of real things - I have Barbie to thank for that ;)

I also love small dolls. I think the idea behind keeping it small, is so they dont take up much room. That is a fallacy. One small doll doesnt take up much room. However, when there is one, the others will come...

It started with one Kelly. I now have several Kelly, Chelsea, Jenny, Tommy, and a few others... and clothing, shoes... pets...
Have you seen some of the OOAK (One of a kind) Kelly dolls? Theyre awesome. I so admire those artists who can make such big changes on such a small canvas... And turn seams on those tiny sewn outfits!? Crazy

Check out some of these links below...

Mattels Website - Here in NZ we dont get half of these dolls, but oh my! It makes the Want List grow!!

Lil Friends of Kelly - Check out the info here! All you ever wanted to know about Mattels Kelly & Friends - from face molds to footwear.

Crochet by Helga - Kelly Doll clothing and patterns

Tabloach Productions - Loanne Hiso Ostlie is an amazing customizing artist
Check out her Kelly Dolls

And her site (galleries and tutorials on customizing) here -

Want to knit your own Kelly Outfits?

Thanks for looking - See you next time!!

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