Monday, 26 March 2012

Baby Born Links and Stuff...

One of our favourite baby dolls is Baby Born (43cm).
A sturdy plastic, realistically shaped Baby doll. Of course when new, she can be fed, and pees etc. Not the case in this house, ours came to us secondhand. I notice too, the eyes on the older Baby Born dolls can tend to go a rather creepy opaque reddish or purplish colour - Ive seen cases of both, which may explain the strong secondhand market? Or it may be, that there are always new ones coming on the market, and the older ones are supplanted by the new.
 One tip, dont get felt pen on her, its a devil to get off... In fact, Missy's has orange high-lighter on its face and it will NOT budge! Still, she doesnt mind (Missy, not Baby born!)
Theyre a good size for wee ones to carry, and theyre awesome to dress... and readily found, even in NZ - Around $100 here in NZ. Our toy shops dont carry a great variety of high-end dolls, so Chou-Chou and Baby Born are about it.

Heres what Ive found online for dressing dolls...

A brilliant site with all kinds of info/patterns on it.
Also includes knit & sew patterns for Chou-Chou Dolls, Baby Annabell, Sally, Hannah & Sarah, and Mini Baby Born (11cm)
NOTE - Free patterns - some NOT in english, but also instructions about how to use the pattern, downloading e-patterns etc. Easy to follow.
Zapfs Official Website

Maalfrid Gausels Knitting Patterns - Some for Baby Born sized dolls

Variety of Free Dolls Clothing Links


FREE Itty Bitty Baby Dress Pattern - MADE BY RAE
- Noted as a very small fit for a preemie sized baby. It is ideal for Baby Born or perhaps Berenguer Dolls
Pattern is PDF format.

E-Patterns for Beautiful Baby (doll/baby) knitting

Simple Baby Doll Knitting - BOOTIES

AN E-BOOK on Dressing Dolls

Great eye-candy and some other links I found when I was searching...


NZ Dolls Clothing makers

Making Dolls Clothes - scroll and see a whole lot more links for pages online!

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  1. You don't know how much I needed the info you've shared in your blog. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Its time I did a refresh on this page, Ive just this morning picked out some wool for baby born and my needles to knit some Christmas presents (dolls clothes!) Take care!

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